Driftwood Group

Recruitment through personalisation, Human Resources through consultation, and Coaching one-on-one to help people realise their potential.

We connect clients to solutions in a unique way – whether it’s funding, resourcing, connections, collaboration, customers, technology or restructuring. We connect candidates with their future, helping them transform the world around them.

Meet the team

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Yvonne Kelly


Born in Ireland then transported to Australia (in an airline, not as a Convict!), I’ve been around great people all my life. It was clear that Human Resources was a way to bring those great people together to achieve amazing work.

Relationships and personal connections, experiences, stories and collaborations are at the very heart of Irish culture, and I want that to be true globally. All those things are the core of Driftwood Group. Helping people, connecting them and fostering a sense of engagement, of work-life-balance.

While the 21st Century appreciation of corporate culture is beautiful to see, it can sometimes be a bit of a grey area – so that’s where I can help.

We Irish know a thing or two about fog…

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Alex Kelly


What keeps people alive despite everything nature can throw at them? Their heartbeat…brain function? 


An Immune System.

And what keeps the world turning (apart from Big Bangs, dark matter, momentum, quantum mechanics & gravity)? 


Immunology and Economics. The beautiful biosphere vs the dismal science – maximum utility – I’ve decided to combine the two. So now I dabble with the chemistry set of human achievement and the efficient use of the most precious resource there is: