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6.25 Seconds Per Resume…!?

Earlier this week a candidate asked me how long I spend looking at an applicant’s resume. This launched me into my most polished rant about how there is a general conception that recruiters spend almost no time at all actually READING the resume you send them. Apparently we all just

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The War on “Talent”

When I was a kid, the first time you encountered the word TALENT was usually in music class, or maybe on the sports field… “How talented little Jessica is on the piano, she’s a natural” “Look at those basketball skills. What a Talent!” But cut to 2015 and the word

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It’s Time To Split HR – Harvard Business Review

In a recent article in Harvard Business Review, Ram Charan, author of ‘Global Tilt’ (2013) puts forward the case that the traditional Department of Human Resources needs to change and that as a functional unit, it is being under-utilised; “I talk with CEOs across the globe who are disappointed in

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