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Backend Developer to Boldly Go

StarTrek 09 2

Stardate 50816.5 – Destination, Earth – Sydney.

“We come in peace, set phasers to STUN”

Somewhere in the future, at the space-time crossroads of Data Analytics, IT Security and Advanced Learning lies this specialist, deep-pockets, tech start-up Enterprise.

Navigating a course to reengineer Education and make smart humans smarter, faster and more efficiently.

Having travelled the galaxy of cross-platform development, you have arrived in the Engine-room of this Starship.

Dilithium crystals anyone?

Speaking in C++, Java and JavaScript, at least the team will understand you without a Universal Translator!

Strong backend cross-platform development expertise required, think Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Qt. With AWS familiarity and relying on JIRA, Git, Bamboo, Confluence, and postgreSQL database also in there.

Detecting what students are up to on their screens while a teacher or lecturer bangs on up the front is your objective. Staying one step ahead of those students as they try to hack your platform will be part of the challenge.

No-one said this expedition was going to be easy!

Your qualifications and the fact you hold code integrity and stability as core beliefs mean you’re destined to travel to the furthest reaches of this Education universe.

Not to mention your insistence on Commenting your Code.

And delivering that stable cross-platform system is not only your calling, it’s your mission…




APPLY NOW – Hit the SEEK button below.


JOB CODE – NCC-1701-A(2)


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Driftwood Group

Driftwood Group