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Are You Working At Your Dream Job?

Every day, I feel very lucky to do what I love doing – for work. Growing up I wanted to be a nurse (like my mum) or an accountant (my dad taught economics). Somehow I ended up in Human Resources – which if you think about it, is kind of

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Mummies Paying It Forward – #IWD2016

I am very lucky to spend most Friday mornings with my little girl before she starts school next year. We do lots of fun things together and I am so glad to have a job that gives me the flexibility to spend time with her – it is one of

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Happy Birthday, Chuck Yeager!

This is the first in what will be a series of Driftwood Group heroes. People who don’t stop to think about work-life-balance, but rather mix the two together, and have some fun along the way. Tomorrow, February 13th, Brigadier General (retired) Chuck Elwood Yeager turns 93. His name may be

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An Open Letter to the World Economic Forum

    Dear World Economic Forum, Thank you for your achievements over the course of the last 45 years. Thanks especially for the Water Resources Group initiative, helping to ensure everyone on Earth can have access to sustainable water. Thanks for giving us interesting news during the quiet month of

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How Do You Choose Between Two Candidates?

How do you choose between two excellent candidates? Much has been written about this topic – it’s a more common situation than you might think. And there are loads of ideas for how to go about it: Toss a Coin? – Believe me, I’ve seen it. There’s the Second Interview

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Why Do People Leave Jobs?

A client asked me last week “Why do people leave their jobs?” My immediate reaction was that they are “unhappy in their current role”. Then there was the long list of “wanting a new challenge, looking to work closer to home, relocating interstate or overseas, personal issues relating to family

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The Work-Life See-Saw

  Where do you sit on this 21st Century debate of Work Life Balance? I spoke to a male friend of mine recently; For about 10 days he had been working ‘virtually’ (read – ‘from home’). This was because his wife had ducked off on a holiday to visit relatives

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