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How did Reese eat her milk and Weetbix?


If you like a bit of a laugh during your workday…read on!

‘Garnet Dairy’ by Graham Young
  • Major NZ Dairy Enhancing Research & Development Team
  • Relocation Assistance, Sponsorship, Great Salaries & Culture
  • Various Specialists Required – Dairy, Milk & Milk Products

If you do love a bit of dairy in your life, know your way around product development and the manufacture of Udderly delicious consumer high-tech milk products, nutrition, adult & infant powders, formulas, ingredients and all the rest…then read on!

My client is a leading dairy organisation with New Zealand Headquarters, fast-growing, adaptable and innovative. They have been expanding since inception to deliver on a promise of the best quality milk and associated engineered dairy products with efficient best-practice delivery to global mooooookets!

deliciously creamy and satisfying Product Development team exists for you to join. They can whip themselves in to a soft-serve frenzy over a new idea – why not make it one of yours? 

If you’re a:

  • Product Development Specialist – powder
  • Dairy Process Engineer
  • Liquids Technologist
  • Research & Development Scientist (milk proteins)
  • Powder Research or Handling Engineer
  • Milk Protein Chemist / Engineer / Filtration Specialist
  • Beverage Formulator/Designer
  • Master Data Analyst / Specification Engineer
  • Dairy Apothecary – Ingredients Guru
  • Any other kind of specialist from the Milky Whey 

Then there’s a place for you with this organisation.

Based in various locations across the length and breadth of New Zealand’s south island, maybe an international move has been on the cards for you for a while…? If you’re from somewhere tropical, please bring a Jersey with you…and if you’re from cooler climes, maybe you could lend us some!

A large company, great culture (lactobacillus preferred:), excellent remuneration and conditions, NZ sponsorship available to foreign workers, and relocation assistance…a rare chance to bathe in the milk of human kindness.

So DIVE in now…it’ll be good for your skin, at the very least!

APPLY NOW – Play Click the Cow below

PS. Since you’ve made it here, check out Reese Witherspoon’s rating of a pizza joint in New Zealand….

If it’s good enough for her top 5 worldwide, then it’s probably good enough for you! Check it out below.


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Alex Kelly

Alex Kelly

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