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Another Brick hammers

We don’t need no education!
We don’t need no thought control…
No dark sarcasm in the classroom;

Problem is, we do need education.
And those bricks are falling out of The Wall!

Anyone know what their kids do all day on their tablet or laptop while at school?

On-topic or off?
Learning or Tomb Raiding?
Building their mind, or building in Minecraft?
Coding as tikes, or Facebook likes?

The answer is NO…until Now.

With Data and Learning Analytics at the core of their model, this Sydney tech start-up is already having Schools across the globe knock on the door to take part in a trial of their system.

With a collegiate environment, and innovation at heart, they are looking to transform the Kindergarten – Year 12 world by introducing Learning Analytics to the technology side of teaching.

And that’s where you come in.

Part of the process involves analysing big data to spot gaps, trends and changes coming before the event. But that’s not the whole story – that’s in the SMALL data – helping map and visualise how students interact with teachers in a virtual way, measuring learning quality, maximising feedback…all to allow for more efficient, interactive and engaging teaching, with brighter, happier and more fulfilled students as a result.

It’s no child left behind thinking, and you could be part of it…

If you know your way around some of the following:

  • C++, Java, QT, JavaScript, PHP or Python
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Redshift
  • Data Analytics, Mathematics, & Computer Science

Data curious? Interested in Education? Think there’s a gap?

If you’re degree qualified in an appropriate field, then here is your chance to change the Kindergarten – Year 12 experience forever.

  • Outstanding Opportunity to Build a Learning Analytics Platform
  • Sydney-based, Well-funded, First-in-world Tech Start-up
  • Comprehensive Package Including Equity Potential


Time to knock down The Wall…hit the SEEK button below


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