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Driftwood Group is proud to announce the opening of our Middle East Office with the appointment of Petrina Shortt, who is based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Petrina brings a creative flair to Driftwood Group, having majored in Art & Design in a past life(!) and has also worked as teacher, trainer and in e-learning roles previously. With the classic Irish gift of the gab, and a very welcoming and bubbly personality, Petrina is our “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Our Man in Havana” and our female “Arabian Knight” all rolled into one!

Liaising with businesses across the region, and bringing on-the-ground experience living and working as an expat in Saudi, she is perfectly placed to help with your Recruitment and Human Resource needs. Specialising in finding the right person to fit both the regional and corporate culture for a client operating in the Middle East is Petrina’s stock-in-trade.

You can get in touch with Petrina via our Website, LinkedIn or as follows:

Petrina Shortt
Middle East Recruitment
Phone   +966 (0)53 075 5730
Email     [email protected]

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