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Michelle Bridges Breakfast

On the 27th March 2015, we were very excited to partner with Playroom2Boardroom to bring Michelle Bridges to the Sofitel Wentworth Sydney.

It was an amazing morning and everyone who attended found Michelle an inspiration, helping explain in simple terms how they could achieve success in all facets of their life. Tables were set with a wide array of goodies and the breakfast spread was delicious.

Michelle spoke in detail about self-belief, being tenacious and having the balls to do what you say, and say what you do. She encouraged us all to set our alarm clocks an hour earlier, then GET UP! and use that time to exercise and build a fresh outlook each day. Don’t just talk about doing things and never get there (the ‘Someday’ routine)…

…Instead JFDI – JUST FRICKIN’ DO IT (or alternative spelling, as necessary!). She also gave us an insight to her own mantra of “I Will Make Time”. With everyone so constantly busy, her simple plan for how to take back control and get on with it was compelling – consistency and planning is the name of the game.

Michelle signed copies of her new book and chatted one-on-one with all our guests, appeared in many selfies, and inspired us all.

Our thanks to her and all our lovely guests – we hope you enjoyed it like we did!










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Yvonne Kelly

Yvonne Kelly

Yvonne is a Founder of Driftwood Group | Connector of Humans | Mistress of Mentoring | Transformer of Lives