Driftwood Group

Product Quality Specialist


  • A Curious Mix of Quality and Process Engineering!
  • Sterile Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • World-Leader, Career-Security and Industry Best Practice Training

We’re looking to cook up something out of the ordinary…


  • One Part – Quality Assurance
  • Two Parts – Technical Expertise in Manufacturing
  • Tablespoon of Process Engineering
  • Add a dash of Troubleshooting,
  • and sprinkle with Lateral Thinking

Combine over the gentle heat of high-throughput sterile manufacturing, and what do you get?

A Product Quality Specialist, that’s what!

And if that sounds like you – part QA, part Engineer, part Problem-Solver – then step right up, and APPLY for your ticket to entry…

This high-tech multinational Pharmaceutical player has a broad range of life-transforming medicines in their portfolio, and a busy pipeline just around the corner.

Based in Sydney, and one of the local industry’s leading manufacturers, their facilities are world-class.

You have experience working in a QA capacity in pharmaceuticals/medical-devices, or maybe you’ve come from the ‘maker’ side of the industry, either way, you’re a stand-out for this fascinating and diverse role.

The company has a renowned training & coaching program, and offers great perks – gym, flexi-days and team building activities, along with excellent salary packages and progression across the International network.

Remember, a CAPA a day keeps the Doctor away!



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Driftwood Group

Driftwood Group