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Project Director – Healthcare


Many lives have been saved in these halls…

Though time’s taken its toll on the walls.

Enough is enough!

The poor place’s a bit rough,

Let’s rebuild it – can you answer the CALL?

This landmark institution has been earmarked for a major refit, rebuild and re-envisioning program. With a stellar and internationally-recognised name – a healthcare facility of rare breeding – the stakes are high!

My client has been awarded the project and is searching for someone with the Right Stuff – in the form of you, a Project Director par-excellence.

With healthcare infrastructure PD experience and a back catalogue of project delivery, executive leadership and charismatic governance, you are one rare individual indeed.

This significant opportunity with high public visibility will require all your specialist skill and training to over-deliver and help a tired old healthcare grand-dame continue its noble work into the next century.

Some of this role will entail:

  • Ensuring business unit profitability
  • Maintaining productivity and efficiency of project outputs
  • Providing innovation and strategic input / implementation
  • Quality adherence and management
  • Business development
  • HR management
  • Management, measurement and reporting of project outcomes
  • Oversight of safety and environmental factors
  • Organisational behaviour management, and policy advancement
  • Training and knowledge sharing – mentoring of the team
  • Systems development, implementation and maintenance
  • Project direction and project control
  • Project management and management advisory tasks
  • Delivering an effective redevelopment of a major infrastructure project – simple really…!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…with a salary and package to match the task at hand…

If you’d like to learn more

          If you have what it takes,

                    Then Apply right away…

                              There are LIVES at Stake!



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Driftwood Group

Driftwood Group