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The Power of your Network

As I prepare to fly to the US today for our Global NPA Recruitment Conference, I have been reflecting on how amazing my network of friends, colleagues, clients, coaches, candidates and Collaborators are. How powerful it is to tap in into your network to achieve greatness.

The last few months I’ve been concentrating on recruiting some wonderful people through Driftwood, getting our new start-up, Glow Up Careers ready to launch to the market while accrediting 20 coaches in our new career coaching program. I’ve been mentoring other business owners and presenting at events.

There have been lots of highs and lows but an overwhelming sense of support and enthusiasm for my journey to help people shine in their careers.

I have coached many people on networking and I strongly believe that finding the right structured networking groups, setting up your own, attending events and connecting with people, is the secret to success in building a career and a business. I’ve been having lots of conversations recently about what networks to join and how they work so I thought I would share some of the network groups I am part of.

NPA Worldwide – is a global recruitment network of over 1300 recruiters. We work on roles together to find the best candidates for our clients and split our fees, we share our experiences and learn from one another. We have Whatsapp groups, monthly webinars, meet ups and today I arrive in Long Beach in California for our conference with 150 other like-minded recruiters.

Irish Chamber of Commerce – Emerald Group – Last year I was so lucky to be one of the founding Emerald ladies in this wonderful group of 10 female leaders. We met monthly and we still Whatsapp nearly every day. We support each other on our career journeys and this group has achieved so much greatness since we met. The program is now running with another 20 women in Sydney and has expanded to Melbourne and Dublin.

Brandfluence – This is a branding program I am currently undertaking with Kady O’Connell of Kady Creative. There is a great group of 12 other business owners and we share and support each other on our brand journey on a facebook group.

WEConnect – Today, less than 1% of large corporate and government spend worldwide goes to women-owned businesses. WEConnect connects corporates with Women Owned Businesses. I have been to some great events hosted by Microsoft and J&J and have met some wonderful female business owners.

Events – My goal is to meet one person at every event I attend. I am a Mum and business owner so my time is precious and I choose the events I attend wisely. Think about how the event fits into your career/business plan. If you connect with someone you speak to, keep in touch. 

·       Bring Business Cards

·       Connect to people on LinkedIn with a nice message

·       Arrange a call or coffee catch up

·       Share photos or post learnings from the event on LinkedIn

·       Invite your LinkedIn network to join you at events

There is so much to learn from surrounding yourself with a diverse network and you will grow in your career by supporting each other. 

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Yvonne Kelly

Yvonne Kelly

Yvonne is a Founder of Driftwood Group | Connector of Humans | Mistress of Mentoring | Transformer of Lives