Driftwood Group

Web Developer from the Future


Stardate 50816.5 – Destination, Earth – Sydney.

“We come in peace, set phasers to STUN”

Somewhere in the future, at the space-time crossroads of Data Analytics, IT Security and Advanced Learning lies this specialist, deep-pockets, tech start-up Enterprise.

Navigating a course to reengineer Education and make smart humans smarter, faster and more efficiently.

Since you’ve recently arrived from the future, your nuanced understanding of an immersive UX and an enhanced, interactive web landscape means you’ve reached your destination.

All that’s needed is for you to lead the way.

AngularJS, Bootstrap, jQuery JavaScript, HTML5, , AJAX, PHP, CSS, postgreSQL, WordPress, Joomla, W3C, Flash, e-Commerce gateway integration, AWS, JIRA, Git, Confluence, Linux & Apache…am I boring you?

Got better tools?

Maybe you can pilot this Raptor then…

With a keen eye for detail, useability, data visualisation and the aesthetic sense of a 21st Century Picasso, you can wrap your brain around complex problem-solving in an elegant and bespoke manner.

A Code puritan, with an insistence on data integrity and system stability, you are the Vulcan of web developers.

And delivering that immersive UX in a cross-platform web environment is not only your calling, it’s your mission…




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Driftwood Group

Driftwood Group