Driftwood Group

Welcome to Driftwood Group

After more than ten years of living and breathing the KISS Recruitment mantra of keeping things simple, we’ve decided the time is ripe for a change of tack!

Don’t worry – everything you loved about us is just as it always was, but we’ve decided there are other pieces of the Human Resources puzzle needing someone to step in and keep it simple – that’s where we come in.

And that’s why we are rebranding to Driftwood Group.

We’re aiming to take what we started at KISS and expand how we interact with our clients and candidates, offering not just recruitment and career services but a more holistic approach to outsourced Human Resources. We want to help influence candidate outcomes and client performance, through our core values of honesty, transparency and trust.

By partnering more closely with you, and through exploring the power of perfect fit, we can help you realise a sea of human potential.

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Driftwood Group

Driftwood Group