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Why Do People Leave Jobs?


A client asked me last week “Why do people leave their jobs?” My immediate reaction was that they are “unhappy in their current role”. Then there was the long list of “wanting a new challenge, looking to work closer to home, relocating interstate or overseas, personal issues relating to family or health, promotion and changing careers. These are just a few of many – Click to See a Few Others.

Afterwards I thought of how I responded so quickly to the question – “Why?” = “Unhappy”.

In the course of interviewing people almost daily in my role, I meet so many people who are unhappy in their jobs. Many of them have been for a long time and some catalyst finally makes them want to take that step of looking for something new. It can be very daunting and amazes me how long people can stay being unhappy and hope things will change. I am a big believer that you lead your own destiny and happiness can lead to so much fulfilment in your life and those around you.

I recently met a lovely lady who was finding her job so mundane and unchallenging. She was only using a small part of her skill set and spoke about how she didn’t enjoy going to work every day. At work she felt like a number and not a person. It was starting to effect work, relationships at work but then also her personal life. Prior to this she was always happy and bubbly and was now feeling down a lot and very flat. I met her again last week and the difference was sooooo amazing and startling. Now, she has started a new job in a company with people who make her feel like part of their family, is challenged, using lots skills and is a completely different person. She is happy and excited and cannot believe the difference in finding the right job has made.

We see this happen a lot, where a person is demotivated and unhappy in one environment and you place them in a new environment and the positive change is quite unbelievable. There is the right job out there for everyone and you just have to take the leap and look for it. Being happy in your job will filter into every part of your life. So go out there and find “Happiness” again.



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Yvonne Kelly

Yvonne Kelly

Yvonne is a Founder of Driftwood Group | Connector of Humans | Mistress of Mentoring | Transformer of Lives